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If you are suffering from alcohol and drug abuse, New Hope Recover is the perfect place for you. It is a haven to seek healing of the mind and body. So, if you or someone dear to you need help, simply call us. Dial (757) 347-8835  and let us help you. Dial now to check if your insurance provider covers our treatment services.

New Hope Lives Up To Its Name Of Living.

The multifaceted treatment plans at New Hope Recovery is a product of a deep understanding of the pain and suffering caused by alcohol and drug addiction. With this, our experts at the center came up with therapeutic and medical treatment processes that can be designed based on your recovery needs, which is essential for your fast and long-term recovery.

Release Negativity


Your negative thoughts can affect your recovery by pulling you back to the bad habit of drugs or alcohol. So, you need to let go of the negative thoughts now.

Release Negativity


Learning how to open up your heart and mind will help you communicate better with our counselors and residents in a protected healing place. 

Find Happiness


Acquire the end result that you always want. For you to find real happiness, start by ending the rotation of drugs and alcohol.

Sincere Staff. Sincere Support.

We all experienced needing the support of others. So, we perfectly understand how it feels like. With this, it is our philosophy that we would help you based on how we wanted to be helped. And with our hands-on experienced staff and experts plus our unparalleled facility, it is no longer surprising that our graduates are our best advocates. Contact us today!

I was preparing myself to receive my termination, but instead of receiving some bad news, my boss instead referred me and sent me to New Hope Recovery. It is where I learned how to communicate my feelings and thoughts, which helped me overcome my addiction. I could say that my days at New Hope are simply the best, especially during the time when my youngest 10-year old daughter told me that I no longer smell of alcohol.

Holly H.

New Hope Alumni 2015

Do you know what’s the best feeling when you wake up in the morning? To have a sense of clarity and purpose in life, that what makes me look forward to another day. You see, I am not like this before. But after I entered New Hope Recovery, I learned how to let go the weight of shame and guilt, which kept me pained for so long. Now, I can wake up smiling and hopeful of my future.

Terry J.

New Hope Alumni 2014

After going on disability at work, my pain killer addiction got much worse. After a family intervention, I entered the New Hope Program. I learned not only how to share my experience but gained valuable information on how to treat my pain through exercise, mental practice and healthy living.

William T.

New Hope Alumni 2009

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